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Traffic in Bali is crazy, but don’t worry – we got you. We take you with our personalised options, reliable drivers, and fixed prices. Made by the locals!

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HSH Ride offers a safe and easy pick up and drop off at the airport. Walk past the crowds offering overpriced transportation and enjoy a smooth ride with our chosen local drivers at HSH Ride.

Where do the drivers go?

Basically everywhere. When requesting a driver, simply let us know the address. You don’t know yet where you are going to stay? Don’t worry – HSH Stay has the best places for you.

At the moment we only offer Transport with HSH Ride in Bali. We are working on the other islands.

Prices up on request


…make your reservation 1 day prior to departure date


Please read the FAQ of HSH Ride or send us a message. We are happy to help.

Available in your area?


Watch out: We are developing our service. Currently we offer HSH Ride only on Bali.

Questions about HSH Ride


Questions you might have

How long does a ride from the airport take?

Depends simply on where you go and when you go. Bali’s infrastructure isn’t the best. During peak times there is a lot of traffic. To Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak a Ride usually takes 20 minutes at best and up to 45 minutes in the worst case.

Trips to the Bukit, Sanur and to Canggu can take up to an hour. A ride to Ubud takes up to 2 hours.

How do I pay?

Just like with HSH Stay, you simply pay a downpayment to HSH Ride to secure your spot. The remaining value you pay in cash to the driver.

Is there Wifi at the airport?

Yes, the airport in Bali provides free wifi.

Can I get cash at the airport?

Yes sure, there are plenty of ATM’s at the airport.

What if my plane is late?

As soon as you know you are landing late you can send us a message and let us know. We will forward the information to the driver. If you are not able to send a message, don’t worry. The drivers see your delay on the screen at the airport.

Can I take my surfboard in the car?

When making a HSH Ride request simply let us know if and how many surfboards you are bringing.

Can I request a child seat?

When making a HSH Ride request simply let us know if and how many child seats you need.

Is a late pick up possible?

Sure, no problem! Things are quite flexible in Indonesia. Tell us when you arrive and the driver will be waiting for you at the airport.

You didn’t find an answer? Simply send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

You want to book a transport with HSH Ride? Simply send us a booking request for HSH Ride. 

What you can expect from HSH partner drivers!

Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke.

Local Experts

Our drivers know Bali like the back of their hand. Take the fastest routes with them and explore the most beautiful places.

Speak English

Ask them all the questions you have. They are happy to share their knowledge about their Island and culture with you!

safe & reliable

Travel safely and comfortably to your destination on Bali! Our drivers are on time and won’t scam you.

Verified by HSH

The HSH Team has selected the best and most reliable Transport Services for you that Bali has to offer!

Meet the gang - Meet the locals - Meet your drivers!


Nyoman is from Tulamben and a tourguide from the bottom of his heart.


Sinar is originally from Nusa Penida and is born with a passion for exploring Indonesia.


Joko is from Ubud and has a smile like the sunshine!

Many More

We don’t know them all, but most of them. Meet the locals!

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Places are made by people. With HSH Stay you come as a guest and leave as friends. Explore the culture, enjoy the happy smiles, simply find the real treasures! Meet the happy faces behind the scenes.