Sustainable Travelling with HSH Stay

What world are we living in? What world do you want to leave behind? 

Do you like a piece of cake?

HSH Stay wants to close this gap, so in the end everybody gets a piece of the cake. That’s just fair, right? What started as a dream is now a global journey of belief, passion, and love. Our philosophy is to give something back to the locals and share the beautiful culture with the tourists, simply according to our slogan “because we care”. Meet the faces behind HSH Stay.

Where did all the rice fields go?

Indonesia is a magical place on earth but it’s not a secret – it’s changing. Toward the better? Toward the worse? We are not here to judge. We are here to help local businesses to get online. At the end of the day there is a lot of complaining. Are you familiar with the sentence ‘Everything was better in the old days?’

What can we do about it?

HSH Stay is a start in sustainable tourism. We go out, find beautiful local places, have a chat with the locals (oh and a good cup of Bali coffee) and bring their beautiful places online – for Free!

We go beyond that: A computer and the internet isn’t everybody’s thing. Btw, What is your cliche about Indonesia? When treasure hunting for guesthouses, we also take pictures and bring thir property online! We keep up the communication and make sure our guests have a wonderful stay. You won’t believe what we have found: With new magical places to stay on Bali, Lombok, and West Sumbawa we offer more than Homestays and Guesthouses: Located above water, in the middle of nowhere, in rice fields or right at the beach: Wake up with breath taking views and fall asleep to the sound of the waves with HSH Stay. When was the last time you slept in a tree?

Travel Sustainably with HSH Stay

We truly believe another booking website is exactly what the world needs! Compared to other platforms, the locals don’t pay any fees and any commission to us. We want to give the locals a hand and open their beautiful doors to the world.

The price you see online is the price made by the locals. HSH Stay opens doors to open hearts –Places are made by people and with HSH Stay we open doors to open hearts. Take a minute and Meet the locals! The people who run a Homestay are always up for a surprise.

What do a haircut, a fishing trip and Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat.Pray.Love. have in common?

A good deed a day with HSH Stay

With HSH Stay you can find a magical place to stay! Booking with HSH Stay you are doing everything 100 % right. Let us tell you why we do what we do!