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Questions about Booking

How does the booking process work?

1. Stop dreaming and plan your trip to Indonesia!

2. Find a place to stay with HSH Stay and make a booking request. Note: Your request can take up to 24 hours but usually will be processed within a couple of hours.

3. After your Homestay is confirmed, the booking fee will be charged (Why does HSH Stay charge a booking fee?). Note: Although your payment details will be requested upon submittal of booking request, be 100% ensured that no charges are done before your booking has been confirmed.

4. My booking is all set, what now? – Plan your trip & Pack your Bags! 

Why do I have to wait up to 24 hours to receive a booking confirmation?

Good things take time. Bali Homestays are family businesses, sometimes in the most hidden parts of the island. Sometimes the phone reception or wifi are bad, the family simply went for grocery shopping or are attending a ceremony.

For these reasons it is also not possible to make a same day booking request.

In any case, we cannot directly confirm your booking, as we need to double check their availability. With all the daily hustles and bustles, this might take up to 24 hours, but believe us, you will not regret the waiting and we are all doing our best to get back to you ASAP.

How and when do I know that my booking is confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation email from HSH Stay with the confirmed details latest 24 hours after your booking request, based on availability.

Why can I not proceed with my booking?

There are two possibilities:

  1. You did not fill in all mandatory information fields: Double check it and ensure that you filled in all information.
  2. Your chosen payment method keeps getting declined: Again, double check your information for misspelling or contact your bank.

I did not receive a confirmation email, what do I do?

There are three possible cases; let’s check which one matches your needs:

  1. Did your booking confirmation email end up in the junk or advertisement folder? Please check.
  2. Your booking is actually not confirmed yet, because your request is still pending (See question: Why do I have to wait up to 24 hours to receive a booking confirmation?)
  3. It has been more than 24 hours and I still did not receive any confirmation? In that case send a message. We will help you out.

I lost my booking confirmation, how can I resend it?

No worries, we got this! Contact us and send us your booking details (Name, Homestay, Dates) and we will resend your booking confirmation.

If I make a last minute booking, will my request be processed as soon as possible?

Yes, last minute booking requests have top priority at HSH Stay and will be followed up by our team ASAP!

Room rates are shown per room, do I get a cheaper rate as a single traveller?

All rates are stated per room per night. However, some Homestays offer accommodation for single travellers. Lucky you! You will have one huge cozy bed all to your self! Simply use the HSH Stay room filter to find single bed options.

Special Requests

How can I change my booking?

Do you have a special request regarding your booking or wish to change the travel dates? –No problem, we will follow up with your request ASAP, simply contact us with your booking details and request.

Can I make a booking for long-term stay?

Staying a while? Sweet! First of all, congratulations you have the opportunity to either have an extended holiday or some good stuff to do here! We are happy for you. We will help you finding a very Sweet Home Sweet Home Stay. Find longterm options here. 

How can I make a group booking?

Together is better. But travelling in a group is even more fun! Find amazing places to stay for your group of friends, your school class or your family reunion. HSH Stay has the best places for groups. 

For how many people is a family room? Can I request an extra bed?

Yes, various places offer family rooms for up to four persons and most of them offer an extra bed at additional cost.  Simply filter for Family Rooms or the feature extra bed. Get more information here!

Can I book more than one room?

Sure can! Simply add the first room to your checkout, return to the Guesthouse listing and add another room to the checkout. You’ll see all your selected rooms listed and can add or remove as many as you wish.

Questions about Payment

Why is there a booking fee?

The price you see online is the price made by the locals. HSH Stay opens doors to open hearts – Places are made by people. Meet the real jewels, Meet the locals! Therefore HSH Stay will charge a small Booking Fee. Find out what HSH Stay does with the Booking Fee!

When and how do I have to pay the booking fee and when the remaining open balance?

Booking Fee: 

  • To be settled after your booking has been confirmed
  • Use your preferred credit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX) to guarantee the booking

Remaining open balance: 

  • To be settled upon arrival at the Homestay
  • To be settled in cash using Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Why do I have to pay the remaining open balance in cash?

Paying with credit card is not very common in Indonesia. Apart from hotels and western restaurant cash counts. But don’t worry, ATM machines for cash withdrawal are available all over Bali and most likely you will pass one on the way to your Homestay.

I have problems with my credit card. What to do?

In that case consult your credit card issuer directly.

Where can I find the CVV code on my credit card?

The CVV Number (“Card Verification Value”) on your credit card or debit card is a 3 digit number on VISA card and MasterCard. On your American Express it is a 4 digit numeric code.


Are my credit card details secure?

We take big efforts to ensure that all credit card transactions via the HSH Stay are secure. Want to find out more about it, see section 4 in our terms and conditions.

Questions about Cancellation

How do I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your stay up to 48 hours before your agreed check-in date as per your agreed terms & conditions. Please cancel by sending a message to us or simply go into your profile’s dashboard, go to your booking overview and click the “cancel” button.

Note: Most of our listed Homestays only feature a couple of rooms and a cancellation means a potentially lost room night to them. Out of respect and decency, we kindly ask you to notify us in any case of cancellation, to give the Guesthouses the opportunity to adjust to the new availability in time and to possibly resell the cancelled room. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Is the down payment refundable?

The down payment is non-refundable at all circumstances, as per agreed terms and conditions.

Questions about Emergencies

You want to talk to our team right away?

Here you go, call us or send us a WhatsApp: +62 812-3758-1773

Help, I cannot find my Homestay!

Sometimes the places are a bit hidden:

1. Look for a HSH sticker, almost all our Homestays are labeled on the sign outside

2. Ask the people around if they know the place

2. Call the Homestay with the number provided in your confirmation email. Or even better: Let your driver call the Homestay – same language, less problems!

3. All this doesn’t work? Call us, we get you! +62 812-3758-1773

The location on the map is wrong and we are standing in the middle of no where. What to do?

You are not the only one suffering from this problem. Sometimes it can be very annoying finding places here, simply because technology is not as advanced as we are used to. In that case, you have several options:

1. Use the map provided in the listing on the website, it is the most accurate map with a mark of the Homestay.

2. Call the Homestay with the number provided in your confirmation email. Or even better: Let your driver call the Homestay – same language, less problems!

3. All this doesn’t work? Call us, we get you! +62 859 3707 1841

I arrived at the Homestay and the place is overbooked even though I have a reservation. What should I do?

This case is very rare, we are trying to make everything as smooth as possible. But sometimes people make mistakes and a room is overbooked. In this case call our Customer Service right away +62 812-3758-1773. We will find a new place for you immediately.

The Homestay owner is not there, what to do now?

Don’t worry. Usually always somebody of the family or the staff is on the property. Sometimes they are gone to get some groceries or are out for ceremonies. They will be back shortly. If you cannot find anybody, simply give the Homestay a call. You received the number in your confirmation email. In case nobody is answering the phone, just call us +62 812-3758-1773. We got you.

Questions about your Island


Do I need a VISA when travelling to Indonesia?

For the sole purpose of travelling, no VISA arrangement is necessary prior to arrival for most nations.

Staying up to 30 days?

  • Good news, many nations are granted free entry for a maximum of 30 days (check with your embassy)

Staying up to 60 days?

  • Purchase a VISA On Arrival (VOA) for USD 35 when arriving at an Indonesian airport. The VOA is valid for 30 days but can be extended for another 30 days. This VISA is valid for 69 nations (check with your embassy)

Check the exact details in our about Indonesia section.

How is the weather and what is the best time to travel to Indonesia?

Good news, Indonesia has a steady temperature of about 30°C all year round, hip hip hurray!

Indonesia has two seasons;

  • Dry season: May – September (lowest humidity, fresh air)
  • Wet season: October/November – April (rising humidity but most of the times it only rains during night time.

No need for despair during rain season yaaa! Buy a rain poncho, go to a low budget SPA or have your first shower in the rain! There are still many amazing things to do!

Check the exact details in our about Indonesia section.

What is the currency in Indonesia?

Indonesian Rupiah – You will be a millionaire!

Here a few examples* for you:

USD 1 = IDR 13’500          1’000’000 = USD 75

AUS 1 = IDR 10’000           1’000’000 = AUS 100

EUR 1 = IDR 15’000         1’000’000 = EUR 67

*Check out the daily exchange rates for exact figures

Check the exact details in our about Indonesia section.

Do I have to get vaccinations before travelling to Indonesia?

We keep saying “nothing in this world is rocket science, we can learn and do anything as a rookie” …except for being a doctor. Therefore, better see your doctor for consultation. Sorry, to let you down on this one, yaaa! -But it is for your own good.

Check the exact details in our about Indonesia section.


How do I get around in Bali?

Believe us when we say that you will not have to look for transport in Bali, but that transport will always come to you!

Any type of transportation is available for cheap rates; from taxis (car or motorbike), to private drivers and guides, ferries, speed boats and bicycles. Need a ride? Get some inspiration and see some artistic transport in Bali!



About Lombok

Find more info’s about Lombok here.


About Sumbawa

Find more info’s about Sumbawa here.

Questions about your Stay

What is a Homestay?

HSH Stay accommodations are local bungalows, Guesthouses and Homestays in Indonesia.

It is very likely that you will live door to door with the local owner, however, you will not live privately with the family. Yet, you will always be their guest and be part of their daily life, getting to know the locals, their culture, and creating some of the best memories you will ever have!

So, why squeeze into a small hostel dormitory, when the perfect low budget accommodation is available for the same price but offering by far more comfort and value? Homestays are almost like a hotel as you enjoy the privacy of your room and other amenities. Yet one thousand and one opportunities and experiences are awaiting you outside your door!

How is the breakfast in a Homestay?

Because every day should start with a beautiful morning. And a morning starts with a good breakfast. Your breakfast will be made with love. Besides unplayable warmth and hospitality you will get a small choice or selection of local coffee or tea, fruits, bread and/or pancakes. That’s it, but you’ll love it!

Where can I find the directions to my Homestay?

Check your booking confirmation email and google maps directions link to your Home Sweet Home! Still problems finding it?

You are already on the road and have no access to a navigation system?

  1. Look for an HSH Stay-sticker, almost all our Homestays are labeled on the sign outside
  2. Ask the people around if they know the place
  3. Call the Homestay with the number provided in your confirmation email. Or even better: Let your driver call the Homestay – same language, less problems!

What is a double and what is a twin bed?

A double bed is a large bed (queen or king size) for two people offering the possibility to snuggle-snuggle, whereas twin beds are two separate beds for one person each – For those of you who need their peace and quiet at night!

How do I review my stay?

HSH Stay will send you the request to review your stay via email.

Can I check-in early or late at my Homestay?

The beauty of Homestays is that they can rewrite their rules for YOU every day! You will see that they are very flexible and try to help you where possible. If you have an early departure / early arrival, you are always welcome to store your bags at the Homestay and explore the area meanwhile, just ask your host!

Late check-in:

Once you fill out the booking request form you can enter your estimated arrival time. We will directly inform the owner. Things are very easy in Indonesia, usually the owner will wait until you arrive or hide the key to your room at a secret spot! Either way – we let you know.

You forgot mentioning your estimated arrival time? 

Tidak Apa Apa (means ‘no problem!’ in Indonesian!) Simply shoot us a message and we will let the owner know and sort the details out for you.

Questions about HSH

Why is HSH Stay only available in Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa & Flores?

We think big, but we dream even bigger.

At the moment we focus on accommodations in Bali, Lombok, West Sumbawa & Flores. In the future we want to expand to further islands in Indonesia: We are ready to explore Sumatra, Java, Nusa Tenggara and the area of Raja Ampat to find beautiful local accommodations for you. This won`t happen over night – there are a couple of things we have to figure out first: Mobile phone signal, internet connection, religions, languages, it`s a never ending list. But one thing is clear: It is gonna be a kickass journey and we’ll find some mind blowing Homestays for you. The best is yet to come! Find out more about our story.

Is HSH Stay like Airbnb?

HSH Stay is a booking platform like Airbnb. Our focus isn’t private accommodation but local businesses. HSH Stay offers guesthouses, bungalows, beach huts, cottages, Homestays (you name it). There are many platforms, every one for a particular reason. There is something for villas, for houses, for hotels, for hostels, for private accommodation. But what about the local places? We want to support the locals and give them a hand to promote their businesses and show you the real treasures of Indonesia. Learn why booking with HSH Stay you are doing everything 100 % right!

Questions of our Partners


How do I register my Homestay online with HSH Stay?

It is very simple – You are almost there:

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Enter all the details
  3. Wait until the team of HSH Stay gets back to you!

What are the benefits of listing my Homestay with HSH Bali?

With the platform we want to help you to find more guests and help the traveller to find beautiful and authentic Homestays all over Indonesia. Besides getting more costumers we offer you:

  • No-Costs-Guarantee: because HSH Stay does not charge any commission!
  • Google: Your business will be listed online on Google!
  • Easy Organisation: Plan everything with a free calendar and booking system!
  • Free support: Help of our team for a professional setup of your listing!
  • Free Marketing: Advertising of your online listing for 1 year!

Want to become a member? Register now!

Can I register a hostel, a villa or a hotel?

HSH is for local Homestays, guesthouses, bungalows and huts only.

Though, if you are a local small hotel or a hostel which offers also a range of private rooms you can be a part of HSH Stay. Simply send a message to our Team and we will evaluate if your property is suitable for HSH Stay.


How does the booking process work?

Our booking system is very easy and allows you to manage your room availability, without risking over-bookings.

  1. You receive an automated booking request via email
  2. Check your availability
  3. Accept or decline the booking request
  4. In case you accept, the booking is confirmed and the guest is ready to arrive at your Homestay
  5. Now you can wait for the guest to come, you don’t have to do anything else

When and how do I receive the room payment?

We don’t have online banking or transactions –pusing banget!

Upon arrival, you get the full room payment in cash in IDR  from your guest (You can also see the amount in your email confirmation. For more information see our terms and conditions.

What happens if I react to a booking request after 24 hours, can I still confirm the booking?

In case you went “jalan-jalan” and are not able to respond to a request, the booking will automatically be declined.

I confirmed a booking with HSH Stay by mistake, but I am already fully booked, what to do?

The earlier you let us know the better!

You just realised the overbooking upon guest arrival?

In any case contact our Customer Service right away (+62 812-3758-1773 or and we will help to find a new place for your guest immediately.

Cancellation, No-Show & other Problems

What is my guarantee in the event of no-show?

Unfortunately there is no 100 % guarantee in case of a no-show. But since the guest is making a down payment to HSH Stay with every booking it is most likely the guest will show up.

In any case let us know and we will follow up with the guest directly.

It is already late and my guest did not arrive yet, until what time do I have to hold the room?

Don’t worry, we got this! To not make you wait late until the middle of the night, we are requesting the arrival time details from the guest and will inform you accordingly!

Sometimes, it happens and the guest doesn’t know the arrival time just yet. You need to hold the room for the full day as per agreed reservation details.

What do I do if I have a problem with a guest?

Our recommendation:

  1. Take a deep breath and relax -santai saja!
  2. Sit down with the guest, have a cup of coffee and talk!

Still cannot find a solution? We are happy to help, simply contact our customer service and we will support you figuring this out.

Homestay Profile Management

How can I update the information on my Homestay profile?

We are happy to help you with making changes in your profile. Just send us a message.


Do I have to block rooms for HSH Stay?

Very good news –the answer to this question is “no”!

Our booking system is very easy and made for your availability. With every booking request you get you can decide if you want it or not.

Didn't find an answer?

Or you are simply not the reading-through-FAQ-type? Shoot us a message. We will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

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