Buda’s Homestay

A genuine Balinese Experience.

Unique moments at Buda’s Homestay

Wow, this place is amazing and definitely something for the lone wolves beneath you. The location of this guesthouse is about a hundred meters north of the Dalem temple (‘Pura Dalem’) in Lemukih Ancient Villages. The village is protected by nine main temples that offer classical Balinese art and the uniqueness of ceremonies. You’ll find your self in the middle of nowhere surrounded by lush rice fields, jaw-dropping waterfalls and holy springs. These holy springs play important roles during ceremonies as they are believed to purify the inner and outer self.

The rooms at Buda’s Homestay are simple but decent. But truth being spoken, who needs fancy facilities if you have this one million star view and rich culture right at your doorstep?

Here, now and forever happy.

Meet your host Buda. He is an extraordinary person that has dedicated his life to the village and to achieve happiness. He loves to introduce his guests to his culture and to show them the traditional Balinese way of life. He does not have fixed room rates. He gives interested people shelter and lets them decide how much they would like to donate after their stay, “because here I have nothing but the intention of happy our guests as much as I can”.

A fellow traveller found this magical place!

All of our gratitude goes to Sven who found this little piece of paradise on earth during his vacation on Bali. He has shared his experience at Buda’s Homestay and let us use his pictures. Thanks, bro! Below is a short review from his stay translated to English. Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy!

“We were in North Bali at the Fiji Waterfalls when we found this little Homestay in the middle of Paradise by coincidence. You can enjoy amazing rice field views and just beside the fields is a holy spring what makes this place somewhat mystical. There are no tourists, which is why the locals over there are still very loving and genuinely hospitable. Our host – Buda – took us on a secret trek through the rice fields of Lemukih to the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen in my life. After that, we were invited to take a shower in the holy spring.

In the evening Buda took us to a spot on a hill where we watched the sunset over the rice terraces. Our plan was to stay only one night but in the end, we stayed three nights. This was one of the best experiences we have had during our Bali holiday, not only because of the stunning setting but also because of the lovely host who invited us to peek into the Balinese religion and culture.

Everyone who seeks a genuine and original Bali experience should stay at least one night at “Lemukih Ancient Village” Homestay and trek the waterfalls with Buda. I was so happy staying there. In the end, I gladly paid for this great stay. I could choose how much I wanted to pay.”

Don’t want to spend the night? Book a tour only!

For those of you, who don’t feel like sleeping at Buda’s Guesthouse, can also just book a tour with him! Check the options below:

  • Rice paddy trekking to Sekumpul waterfall ( 3 hours ).
  • Rice paddy trekking to Bengbengan waterfall and holy spring ( 3 hours ).

Both tours can also be combined and same as for his guesthouse, the rate is based on donation. Give as much you can or how much you enjoyed your time exploring the area and chasing down waterfalls. Contact the HSH Stay team to request a tour date!

Sneak a peek!

Credits to Joel for this amazing video – Thanks!

Bali is full of treasures

Start your day with a banana pancake, experience unique moments and meet the locals! Explore exclusive insider tips for 2 days in North Bali! Wake up and live in a dream.

Arrival & Departure times

Check in from: 2:00 PM (flexible) Check out until: 12:00 PM (flexible)

10 reviews

  1. Genuine Bali Experience in the Mountains

    Buda’s homestay is beyond comparison – his and his family’s hospitality and kindness outstanding! The homestay is located in the midst of the jungle, facing rice fields, surrounded by mountains and the sound of the nearby river and geckos.

    As a host and guide, Buda organized trips even to the top(!) of the Sekumpul Waterfalls, to a ceremony at his family temple, to the rice fields, to an instrument maker’s home in the village, to an unknown temple and more.

    Even more than for these genuine Bali experiences, I have to thank Buda for the precious moments with him and his family who made me feel at home. I’ve stayed twice during my trip and will definitely come back!

    Also good to know:
    1.) There is no WIFI in the jungle/at this place.
    2.) You decide what you want to pay in the end of your stay [Febr. 2018].

    All in all: Don’t miss this hidden gem out of the touristic places!

  2. Ein Muss für jede Bali-Reise ♥️

    Der Aufenthalt bei Budda war mein persönliches Highlight meiner Bali-Reise!

    Er und seine Familie sind sehr zuvorkommend und freundlich. Sie haben uns die komplette Gegend gezeigt, haben uns mit balinesischen Spezialitäten versorgt und uns alles ermöglicht.

    Während meines Aufenthalts bei Budda hab ich Bali-pur erlebt und das möchte ich niemals missen. Ich kann Buddas Homestay nur weiterempfehlen 🙂

  3. Just wonderful!

    We’ve had the most amazing time at Buda’s Homestay. It is newly built, rooms are basic and clean and have very comfortable beds (but only cold showers). Nights are wonderfully cool in this mountainous area of Bali. Fresh air, beautiful nature, far away from the crowds and the noise of South Bali. Buda and his family are such incredible hosts. Amazing local food with lots of snacks and fresh fruits, a lovely gazebo overlooking rice paddies, and Buda took us to all the beautiful spots nearby (waterfalls, walking around the rice fields, a water slide)… Buda was happy to share his knowledge and have long, deep conversations with us. This was by far the best experience of my time in Bali, really a non-touristic, unspoilt way to learn about Balinese culture. I can’t thank you enough, and I can’t recommend this homestay enough. Absolutely love that it’s donation based. You give what you can and what you think is appropriate. This really shows the beautiful characters of the host family. I’ll definitely be back!

  4. My favorite place in Bali! You get everything

    Staying with Buda’s family was the highlight of my two months travel in the island!

    You don’t need to do any planning, just arrive and relax, because Buda will take you everywhere and you will experience the genuine Bali with him.
    We where lucky enough to be there for Galungan, the most important festivity in Bali. They dressed us with traditional balinese clothing and took us to the temple, where they introduced us to the priest and their neighbours.
    You will find everything around Lemukih village, impressive waterfalls and fun water slides, rice fields, temples and ceremonies, traditional farmers and maybe even a delightful balinese dance performed by Buda’s daughters.

    Lemukih is out of the tourist circuit, so locals welcome you with open arms and have genuine interest in connecting with you.

    Gede’s meals are simple but always tasty, her fried banana and ginger tea are delicious!

    Her three daughters, Angel, Shri and Mari are always up to play, they love going to the waterslide and they are learning english fast and will make you laugh non stop.

    I loved it so much I went back for another visit! This family has a big heart and are really proud to share their little piece of paradise with everyone. I’m grateful for the time we shared!

  5. it's just perfect.

    I never met as lovely people as Buda and his family before. They welcome everyone so warmhearted, that you almost feel like a part of his family. Buda shows his guests some special Bali-views far away from the “normal touri stuff”, which does not mean you won’t see waterfalls and rice fields. It means, you don’t only see them, you experience them! Beside hidden water slides and funny scooter drives through the jungle you can swim under the waterfall and you’ll definitely get the best Bali-food ever (ask for the chicken soup! ;)) I don’t want to tell too much, everybody should come here to make his own experiences to get impressed!
    I stayed there twice and I would ever come back. The perfect Bali-experience and one of the highlights of my semester abroad!
    I wish you all the best, Buda! See you next time.

  6. Picture Book Bali

    Amazing stay!! We loved to sleep right in the jungle, facing ricefields, mountains and palmetrees and hear the sounds of the river and all the tropical animals. 🙂 Buda and his family were absolutely friendly, cooked delicious vegetarian meals and guided us to the most impressive waterfalls. Lemukih is a hidden paradiese, Bali at its best!! And the family took really good care of us. Highly recommending to anyone who is looking for an authentic hideaway and has no problem with a basic (but comfy and clean!!) room and indonesian toilette. I think there are two other rooms that have western toilettes.

    And: Loved that Buda has a water refill station and takes really good care of the nature!!

  7. Paradise for water-lovers

    I love water and I have been in paradise with Buda’s perfect guiding!

    The waterfalls are amazing and you can have a bath or a shower in this clean, cool water. The water-slide is amazing and so funny, too!

    Buda took me everywhere on his scooter (and this alone is an adventure). I also loved the calm of the rice fields and the swing with overwhelming view to the area.

    The food and drinks Buda prepared for me, were delicious. By the way, it’s a fruit-paradise, too.

    So thanks again for sharing your homestay and all your lovely places around there, with me!

  8. Wer ein Platz "Bali pur" erleben will, ist bei Buda genau richtig!

    Wow, ein MUSS in BALI!

    Ich suchte noch eine Unterkunft für 3 Nächte und die HSH-Girls empfahlen mir Budas Homestay.

    Ich bin so froh, denn es war einer der besten und schönsten Aufenthalte für mich und meine beiden Kids (8,10).

    Die Kids waren begeistert voneinander und spielten ab der ersten Minute trotz Sprachschwierigkeiten miteinander. Sie zeigten meinen Kids ihren “Spielplätze” z.B. den Fluss in der wunderschönen Landschaft mit seinen Naturrutschen. Ein riesiges Palmblatt, welches sie als “Schlitten” nutzen, um den Berg runterzurutschen.

    Buda zeigte uns mit seinem Freund, der ebenso Buda hieß, am 1. Tag bei einer Wanderung die Wasserfälle in der Umgebung. Die Wanderung durch die atemberaubend schöne Landschaft dauerte 3h und war gut zu schaffen für die Kids. Auf dem Rückweg begeisterte er meinen Sohn, weil er eine Kokosnuss direkt vom Baum holte und für uns öffnete. Beide Budas waren stets um uns besorgt und kümmerten sich um unser Wohlbefinden.
    Am 2. Tag fuhren wir mit Rollern zu einem weiteren Wasserfall, der nicht Touristisch erschlossen ist und auf dem Weg gab ein kleines Badbecken . Am Nachmittag zeigte uns Buda noch weitere Wasserrutschen in Fussnähe direkt vom Homestay entfernt. Ich hatte viel Spaß mit allen Kids zusammen.

    Abends zeigte uns Budas große Tochter den Balinesischen-Tanz und meine Tochter versuchte sich ebenso und wir hatten alle miteinander viel zu Lachen.

    Das Essen wurde von Budas Frau zubereitet. Wir bekamen Frühstück, Mittag und Abendessen. Typische Balinesische Speisen teils selber gekocht, teils gekauft. Und das war gut so, denn in dem Ort gab es sonst keine Restaurants.

    Der Raum inkl. Badecke war sauber und ordentlich. Es roch sogar noch ganz neu 😉 Wir hatten eine extra Matratze auf dem Fussboden.

    Es gab weit und breit kein WLAN! Was mich nicht störte, nur gut zu wissen gewesen wäre und ich daher hiermit aufschreiben.

    FAZIT: Wer ein Platz “Bali pur” erleben will, ist bei Buda genau richtig!

  9. Never forget...

    .. the days we spent with Buda, Gede and their family. It was such a lovely experience. You stay right in front of the rice fields in the middle of nowhere. Five Minutes walk from the Homestay is a natural pool and a big natural waterslide. You will have a lot of fun there!
    Buda & Gede cannot offer you a fancy room with modern facilities but they can show you a world of pure happiness and charity (by the way: the room is clean, cozy and comes with everything you need for your stay!).

    They showed us the rice fields in their village, guided us to the amazing waterfalls in the area, they climbed on palms for a fresh coconut for us. Also they offer a sweet breakfast, a fantastic lunch and you can order something for dinner if you like. They take care of everything. We even got a balinese dance from the daughters of Buda (Thank you!).

    The special thing about the homestay is the price: you decide what you want to give to Buda & Gede in the end of your stay. To be honest, it was hard to think what you pay, because you get the HSH “million star experience” and you get it with the pure heart of Buda and his family!

    To cut a long story short: It was an amazing experience full of special moments.

    Thank you and all the best

    Stefan & Tina

  10. Relaxing stay with beautiful scenery

    Loved it!

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